Monthly Archives: January 2012


Screentest: The National Student Film Festival informed me that Once In June will be screened in London this March. If the film receives any nominations I’ll be notified within a week.



Once In June has been nominated for Best Sound Editing at Watersprite Film Festival. Looking forward to the end of Feruary!

Once In June has been shortlisted for the category “Sound Editing” at Watersprite Film Festival and as the e-mail says ‘It could assert its position in a fierce competition comprising 246 films from over forty countries’ which is very exciting to know. That means the film will be screened  in Cambridge this February. It is possible that it will be nominated for Sound Editing Award and Best Animation award which I will know by February 22. Great news!

2011 Favourites

This year had a bunch of really good films! My top favourites (from what I’ve seen):
1. Elena (by Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia)
2. We Need To Talk About Kevin (by Lynne Ramsay, UK/USA)
3. Tyrannosaur (by Paddy Considine, UK)
4. Submarine (by Richard Ayoade, UK) *(2010, but released in 2011 in the UK)
5. The Tree of Life (by Terence Malick, USA)