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After a long time-off the work on the animation film has resumed. At the moment I’m timing the dialogues for the X-sheets.



Once In June has been shortlisted for the category “Sound Editing” at Watersprite Film Festival and as the e-mail says ‘It could assert its position in a fierce competition comprising 246 films from over forty countries’ which is very exciting to know. That means the film will be screened  in Cambridge this February. It is possible that it will be nominated for Sound Editing Award and Best Animation award which I will know by February 22. Great news!

Evening Tea and Once In June screening in Berlin

Evening Tea  and Once In June will be screened at Shoxxxboxxx Atelier Studio on November 12 in Berlin. It will also be on the promotional DVD’s which they’ll be selling during the event. Good news.

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Plasticine Death

This monday I led an animation workshop for kids aged 10-13. As opposed to the group of 14-18 year-olds who care more about the smoothness and precision of their characters’ movements, the younger ones are keen on crazy ideas. Their minds are opened and have no boundaries.

They had to simply animate people skating. Eventually, the skaters were kidnapped by aliens, attacked by a huge orangoutang monkey who used a banana to beat them up and so on.

So there was this kid who made a plasticine Mario. In the end of his film Mario dies. The boy buried Mario in a dark grey plasticine coffin with a white cross. Then, he put the coffin under a heated table lamp and made a loud announcement: ‘And now I’m gonna cremate him!’

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