Coco Lico by Gaze is Ghost (2013)

A music video.


Alison (2012)

A 9 min short. A situation


Once in June (2011)

A 9 min hand-drawn animation film. It is made using mainly animated frame-by-frame drawn cut-outs. I also used stop-motion and paint-on-glass techniques.

Screenings and Awards:

Nominated for Sound Editing Award at Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival

Shortlisted for Screentest: The National Student Film Festival

Screened at Animation Festival, ShoxxxBoxxx studio-atelier, Berlin, 2011

Screened within the Best Student Film programme (ECFM, Anglia Ruskin University), Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge, 2011

Miller (2010)

There were some ideas and a story about a tortoise who was accidentally buried alive in my head. I developed it into a short script and made this film.

Screenings and Awards:

1st prize at Kinokolor Youth Film Festival 2011, Vilnius

Finalist/Best Actress nomination at Short and Sweet Film Festival, 2011, Canterbury

Shortlisted at No Limits Film Festival, 2011, Sheffield

Evening Tea (2010)

I animated a series of acrylic paintings, some of which were drawn frame-by-frame. I also used a cut-out technique and composed everything using Chroma-key effect in an editing software. The score is performed by Georges Thill.

Screenings and Awards:

Screened at Animation Festival, ShoxxxBoxxx studio-atelier, Berlin, 2011

Finalist at Student Film Competition within Russian Film Festival in London, 2010

Screened at Strawberry Fair Film Festival, 2010


2 thoughts on “WORKS

  1. wakey01 says:

    Excellent stuff; I really like your video for The Knife. Keep up the good work- and good luck in the festivals!

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